Made in Holland

Mummy plants

Mummy plants are real plants where the moisture in the stems has been replaced by an environmentally friendly and degradable preparation fluid. The principle is simple: a plant absorbs water that evaporates in the leaves; replacing this water with a mixture of glycerin and water creates a mummified real plant that no longer needs light or water. The plants retain their flexibility and natural position, scent and color. The plants require a minimum of maintenance. This plant must not come into contact with water or be in a moist environment. Humidity below 70%)

Made in Holland

We are proud to produce our plants and mosses in-house. The leaf material of the mummy plants is grown at special nurseries. Part of these leaves are then cut and mummified with an environmentally friendly and biodegradable liquid. This allows the mummy plant to be on location for a long period of time as a green art.

Artificial plants

In the production of artificial plants, we use real stems in combination with plastic leaf material. The leaves are made of textile and polyester: materials that are guaranteed to remain beautiful for a long time. In addition to the usual materials, we also supply plants that meet current fire safety requirements. Artificial plants can be adapted to all your wishes and are available in many sizes, types and colors.

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